320/9–1752: Telegram

The Ambassador in Belgium (Cowen) to the Department of State


298. Dept pass USUN. Depciragam Aug 22 control 2415: 7th session UNGA.

Has [As?] result discussions held with FonOff in accordance instructions contained refagam, Emb officer was today handed confidential aide-mémoire, dated Sept 12, re presidency GA (see para 2(a) refagam). Substance fols:

FonOff considers that it might be useful as of now to clarify its position as to choice of GA president. It has honor to inform Emb that candidacy of Pearson wld be received cordially (‘Vive Sympathie’) on part of Belg Govt. However, it thinks that a European presidency wld be preferable. In fact, in eight sessions of GA, presidency has only been held once by a European. Belg Govt considers that, aside from purely European interest in this question, spirit of UN charter and proper functioning of this institution recommends harmonious distribution of successive presidencies among all parts of world.”

In discussion this subj with Emb officer, chief of internatl organization section of FonOff stressed that FonOff has approached no other govts re this subj, and wld appreciate Dept views soon as convenient. In meantime, Silvercruys has been authorized discuss this with Dept at his discretion.

FonOff views on other items refagam subj separate telegram.