Memorandum of Conversation, by the United Nations Adviser, Bureau of European Affairs (Allen)

  • Subject:
  • Mr. Pearson’s Candidacy for President of GA
  • Participants:
  • Mr. George Ignatieff, Counselor, Canadian Embassy
  • Miss Marion MacPherson, Third Secretary, Canadian Embassy
  • Mr. Paul B. Taylor, UNP
  • Mr. Ward P. Allen, EUR

In response to our inquiry as to the status of Mr. Pearson’s candidacy, Mr. Ignatieff advised that according to reports in late July, 26 favorable replies had been received to Canada’s request for support. Of these, ten are regarded as definite, formal commitments including Chile (significant because of rumors of Santa Cruz’ candidacy) and Thailand (further indication that Prince Wan is not interested). From the Arab-Asian countries, Turkey, the Philippines and Israel are formally committed. The Indian High Commissioner in Ottawa (or the Indian UN Del, it was not clear which) is recommending that India not only support Mr. Pearson but campaign for him. In addition, high level approaches have just been made to India and Pakistan through the Canadian High Commissioners. Iraq, Egypt and Lebanon have made generally favorable initial replies. Among the Latin Americans, Brazil as well as Chile is definitely committed and Ambassador Muniz reported to the Canadian UN Delegation that his canvass of the Latin American Delegations brought an enthusiastic response. Brazil intends to undertake an active campaign in Pearson’s behalf, according to Muniz.

We recalled that, as Mr. Hickerson had explained to Ambassador Wrong last month, we have taken the position when asked that in our view Mr. Pearson would be an excellent choice, but we have avoided stating that any formal commitment has been made. Mr. Ignatieff seemed to believe that a continuation of this position would be satisfactory but stated he intended to seek Mr. Pearson’s view as to whether [Page 418] a more positive indication of US support would be necessary or helpful at this time. He promised to keep us advised of the progress of the campaign.

Ward P. Allen