511.00/4–2753: Circular airgram

The Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic and Consular Posts 1


Secret History of the Korean War

I.F. Stone’s book, “Secret History of the Korean War,” is being used with considerable effect as an instrument of Soviet and International Communist propaganda in various parts of the world, including Japan and Latin America.

Addressee posts are requested to inform the Department if and when this book appears in their areas, with comment upon the extent to which it constitutes a problem. The Department is collecting refutatory materials which it will make available to posts where Stone’s book has any influence.

  1. Drafted by Ellsworth R. Mosman of FE/P; cleared by Cox, Sanger, FE, P, Henry Kellermann of GERP, and Raymond Fisher of IIA; sent to 48 missions and 9 consulates.