A/MS files, lot 54 D 291, “VOA & IBS

The Chairman of the House Committee on Appropriations (Taber) to the Administrator of the United States International Information Administration (Compton)1

Dear Dr. Compton: So that you may have an opportunity to make a little record and perhaps find out something more about your department, I would suggest that you go into the question of the advisability of installing the so-called Baker East–Baker West Projects any further until after the Appropriations Committee can look into the situation and see what the interest of the Government requires at this time, and whether sufficient results could be obtained by modest expenditures in improving transmitting facilities already in existence.

I have been terribly disappointed in the failure of representatives of the State Department to realize their responsibilities. We must have a reappraisal of this problem and an intelligent approach to it.

Very sincerely yours,

John Taber
  1. The source text and Compton’s response, p. 1656, were attached to a covering memorandum from Compton to Humelsine transmitting the correspondence for Humelsine’s information.