Eisenhower Library, Dulles papers, “Telephone Conversations”

Memorandum of Telephone Conversation Between the Secretary of State and the Attorney General (Brownell)1

The Secretary telephoned to find out what took place at the Republican Policy Conference on the Bricker Res.2 Mr. Brownell said that Bricker was quite emotional.

Sen. Knowland asked him to draft a revised Section 1 which will incorporate suggestions from Knowland and Millikin, which quite a few of the original sponsors might sign. Section 1 would have a special provision that the Supreme Court has jurisdiction to pass on the treaty, Bricker said it did not have authority to pass on political matters. The Attorney General didn’t think this would hurt us but it would be bad draftsmanship. Knowland wants a provision that a roll call vote be required on all treaties so that they can answer the argument that treaties are passed when there are only a few people on the floor. All of Section 2 will be cut out. The Attorney General said that the Secretary’s session with Millikin3 really showed up today, Knowland admitted that he had not really understood it before, but he is afraid that Bricker will make a speech if we do not get some substitute legislation in the next few days. Brownell said he told them that if they would take Section 1 it could go through with unanimous approval of the Republicans and he was authorized to say that officially. Beyond that they would have to look at the language.

  1. Prepared by Burnita O’Day.
  2. A résumé of the discussion at the meeting on June 30 of the Senate Majority Policy Committee is in the Wisconsin State Historical Society, Alexander Wiley papers, “Bricker Amendment”.
  3. The conversation between Secretary of State Dulles and Senator Millikin has not been further identified.