Eisenhower Library, Dulles papers, “Telephone Conversations”

Memorandum of Telephone Conversation Between the Secretary of State and Vice President Nixon1

1. The Vice President called to explain to the Secretary that the criticism of Mr. Phleger2 had nothing to do with his capabilities, only the fact that he and Bricker do not get along. He said both he and Sen. Knowland had spoken up in defense of his ability, but he wanted to be sure that there wasn’t any misunderstanding. He said [Page 1815] that Bricker has been in to see him twice this week and is very emotionally upset over the way the resolution is going. It is quite understandable that they don’t get along. The Secretary said that Phleger is working on a joint resolution which they will take up with Brownell when he returns. He said that Phleger was one of the strongest, most dependable fellows he had and his admiration for him has grown greatly.

[Here follows discussion of the remarks which the Secretary of State had made at the Cabinet meeting that morning, of the trip which the Vice President was planning to take to the Far East, and of the President’s plans for the Bermuda Conference, which was originally scheduled for later that month but which did not take place until December.]

  1. There is no indication on the source text as to who prepared this memorandum.
  2. The Vice President was presumably referring to the comments which he and Senator Knowland had made at the Legislative Leadership Conference on June 4; see Adams’ memorandum, p. 1811.