Eisenhower Library, Staff Secretary records, “Legislative Leaders Conference”

Memorandum by the Assistant to the President (Adams) to the Director of the Bureau of the Budget (Dodge)

personal and confidential

The following notes on this morning’s Legislative Conference are sent as an aide-mémoire:

[Page 1812]

[Here follows discussion concerning possible legislation to authorize the shipment of wheat to Pakistan, the tax program, NATO Status of Forces legislation, Hawaiian statehood legislation, the Mutual Security Agency appropriation bill, and government reorganization plans.]

Bricker Amendment—Senator Knowland called attention to the strong feeling expressed in the Republican Conference in support of the current revision of the Bricker Amendment. Senator Taft expressed his belief that the matter would not reach debate on the Senate floor before next Spring, but Senators Knowland and Millikin thought Senator Taft underestimated the strength of the favorable sentiment in the Senate. Senators Knowland and Millikin urged that the State Department take a more reasonable approach in discussing with Senator Bricker the possibilities of a compromise. The Vice President suggested that Mr. Brownell should take the matter up with Senator Bricker.

[Here follows discussion concerning personnel policies, the Taft–Hartley Act, and Congressional salaries.]