The Chairman of the Operations Coordinating Board Working Group on Antarctica (Dufek) to the Secretary of State


Dear Mr. Secretary: 1. The President on 15 July 1954 directed the implementation of the policies contained in NSC 5424/1 (Antarctica) by all appropriate executive departments and agencies of the U.S. Government, and designated the Operations Coordinating Board as the coordinating agency.

2. Accordingly, the Antarctic Program has been initiated by scheduling the U.S.S. Atka (icebreaker) to depart Boston on 1 December 1954 for the Antarctic, to return to Continental U.S. about 14 April 1955.1 Acceptance of further projects for this expedition has been closed.

3. Tentative plans are being formulated for an expedition to the Antarctic to depart U.S. ports in November 1955. These plans call for establishment of a main base at Little America with Satellite Station #1 at Longitude 120° West, 80° South and Satellite Station #2 at the South Pole. It is planned to maintain these bases in support of the International Geophysical Year 1957–58, and to support such other projects as feasible in furtherance of the policies announced in NSC 5424/1.

4. Accordingly it is requested that addressees submit their interests and requirements in the form outlined in paragraph 5 of this letter. Rough estimates should be submitted prior to 15 January 1955 with detailed information not later than 15 February 1955 for the 1955–56 expedition. Interests and requirements for expeditions conducted in 1956–57, 1957–58, 1958–59 will be accepted at any time. Negative answers are necessary for proper planning of logistical support requirements.

5. Information desired:

Personnel participation.
Projects to be undertaken.
Weight and size of equipment to be transported by ship or air to Antarctica.
Area of participation in Antarctica.
Method of financing.
Method of logistic support (own or required) with point of origin and point of destination.
Amplifying information.

6. Above information should be submitted to the Operations Coordinating Board, attention Colonel Byron K. Enyart, OCB Staff Representative on the Antarctica Working Group.

Sincerely yours,

George J. Dufek
Captain, USN
  1. Documentation on the cruise of the U.S.S Atka (AGB–3) to Antarctica in 1954–1955 is in Record Group 313, Records of Naval Operating Forces, Records of the U.S. Navy Antarctic Expedition, 1954–1955, Report of the U.S.S. Atka, National Archives and Records Service, Washington, D.C.