Eisenhower Library, Dulles papers, “Telephone Conversations”

The Secretary of State to the Administrator of the Refugee Relief Program (McLeod)1

Dear Mr. McLeod: You will recall that I sent to you on September 23, 1953, a letter2 indicating my deep interest in the Refugee Relief Act of 1953 and especially the obligations which were placed on the State Department directly by that Act, and by the various remarks of the President and of interested members of Congress clearly expressing their intent with reference to that Act.

While I was attending the Berlin Conference,3 I was disturbed by various published reports which cast doubts on the performance of the Department in carrying out our obligations under the Refugee Relief Act of 1953.

I would like to meet with you, and the other officers of the Department who have the principal responsibility in this area, as [Page 1633] soon as possible after I return from Caracas,4 in order to discuss this situation. I would hope at that time to have an informal progress report from you, and an expression of your opinion as to how the program will develop in the months ahead. I am particularly interested in discussing any problems which we may have met and which you feel may be preventing us from carrying out our responsibilities as effectively as we otherwise could. If there are such problems, I am personally interested in helping to overcome them. Sincerely yours,

  1. McLeod was concurrently Administrator of the Bureau of Security and Consular Affairs and of the Refugee Relief Program.
  2. Supra.
  3. For documentation on the Berlin Conference, Jan. 25–Feb. 18, 1954, see volume vii.
  4. Reference is to the Secretary’s attendance at the Tenth Inter-American Conference, held Mar. 1–28, 1954. For documentation on this conference, see vol. iv, pp. 264 ff.