PIN files, lot 56 D 324, “Minutes, 1947–54”

Minutes of the 58th Meeting of the Policy Committee on Immigration and Naturalization, Held in the Department of State, 2:30-4 p.m., January 11, 1952

PIN M–58
  • Present: Conrad E. Snow, L/FE, Chairman
  • Robert C. Alexander, VD
  • Samuel D. Boykin, CON
  • Richard M. Cashin, A/MS
  • Arthur Z. Gardiner, NEA
  • George Gray, H
  • James Keegen, L/EUR
  • Richard J. Kerry, UNI
  • George Knight, L/EUR
  • Kenneth P. Landon, PSA
  • Hillis Lory, NA
  • Virginia Massey, IEP [IES]
  • Eugene C. Rowley, PD
  • Peter Rutter, WE
  • Walter Thurston, S/P (also representing ARA)
  • William S. Lambert, S/S–S, Secretary
[Page 1571]

Department of State Comments on H.R. 56781 (See PIN D–24b,2 January 9, 1952)

[Here follows discussion of various revisions of H.R. 5678 desired by the Passport Division.]

Discussion: Mr. Boykin said that H.R. 5678 is very similar to the Senate bill on which representatives of the State Department had testified at joint Senate-House hearings.3 Mr. Alexander said that the principal difference between the Senate and House bills is that the latter provides for a joint watch dog committee to examine the administration established in the bill, whereas the Senate version does not.
The Committee turned to the previous recommendations (PIN D–24b) and Mr. Alexander stated that the Department should avoid making any recommendations that would delay the passage of this bill which is excellent in most respects, notably in that it removes the Asiatic racial barrier which is important in connection with the ratification of the Treaty of Peace with Japan. The new bill will provide that the Japanese will not be banned for reason of race but will be admitted under a quota of 185 per year. Mr. Lory commented that the Office of Japanese Affairs desires to get this bill passed as soon as possible since it will tremendously improve our foreign relations with Japan and will play an important part in keeping Japan on our side in this critical time in the Far East. The Chairman said that it would not be the purpose of the committee to delay the passage of the bill but rather to present its suggestions for changes considered desirable. Mr. Alexander noted that the House Committee is meeting on Tuesday morning, January 15, and that it would be helpful if it could have our letter saying that we would like to send representatives to discuss certain aspects of the bill.

[Here follows discussion of certain changes in the wording of the bill that some of the bureau representatives wanted to see adopted by the Judiciary Committee.]

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