Editorial Note

The Policy Committee on Immigration and Naturalization (PIN) was established by Department of State Announcement 573 of June 18, 1947, under the chairmanship of a member of the Office of the Legal Adviser and with representation from each of the geographic bureaus, the Bureau of Economic Affairs, and the Office of Controls. The Committee met on an irregular basis but with greatly increased frequency whenever an immigration bill was up for Congressional consideration. The Committee drafted Departmental comments on pending legislation; position papers on various immigration and naturalization issues, including the status of ex-Nazis vis-à-vis United States immigration law; and analyses of the effect on United States foreign relations of the immigration-related provisions of the Internal Security Act of 1950. The Committee’s documents and minutes for the 1947–1951 period are in PIN files, lot 56 D 324, “Minutes, 1947–51” and “D Series.” There were no meetings of the PIN Committee from June 30, 1952 to May 10, 1955.