460.509/9–1952: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Dunn) to the Department of State1


1751. Excon. Re CG meetings. Quadripartite mtg held Thursday morning, followed by CG mtg Thursday afternoon and Friday. During course Friday mtg, necessary to recess for informal heads of delegations meetings to settle membership issue described below. CG mtgs completed Friday afternoon.

Principal CG decisions were on China comite and secrecy issue. Latter being reported separate cable.2

CG decided create China comite, subject to reservation by Germany arising out of decision not to include that country among initial list of members having “permanent representation”. Terms of decision follow approx those developed in Washington mtg.3 Text of decision and of Linder and Ludden4 statements being airpouched by Embassy desp 588, Sept 19.5 In negotiations re membership, US emphasized need small effective comite, and UK, France supported position. Germany indicated membership essential. Other countries stated willingness accept small comite provided membership confined Washington group. Four countries each stated that if any enlargement in group, they would have to be included as well. Only way out of impasse was to confine membership to Washington group and note German reservation.

On Linder’s return, he will wish discuss advisability instructing Bonn urge Fed Rep Govt withdraw reservation. In this connection, important note CG decision was dictated exclusively by fact four other countries would have insisted on their admission, thereby seriously reducing efficiency of group. There is no disagreement re fact Fed Rep has genuine interest in China trade. Moreover under terms CG agreement, Fed Rep or any other govt in Paris group could participate in proceedings China comite on same basis as permanent [Page 873] members whenever Fed Rep so chose. Finally, comite membership question will be reconsidered six months hence.

Re China comite chairmanship. Comite will select own chairman. Canada rejected earlier proposal it accept chairmanship. During meeting of delegation heads, Charpentier suggested and Berthoud supported idea US assume chairmanship. Little support for suggestion that chairman might be drawn from country not permanent member of comite.

Creation comite will require increased contribution by US to secretariat staff and increase in US del. Separate message being sent on these requirements.

  1. Repeated to London, Tokyo, Brussels, The Hague, Bonn, Lisbon, Rome, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Ottawa, Hong Kong, Manila, Saigon, Djakarta, Rangoon, Bangkok, New Delhi, Karachi, and Colombo.
  2. Telegram 1781, infra.
  3. The reference here is to the Washington Five-Power meeting on export security controls held on July 28. At this meeting, attended by representatives from the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, and Japan, the decision was taken, contrary to U.S. wishes, to establish a China Committee (CHINCOM) which was to be attached to COCOM in Paris but which was to include Japan in order better to control exports to the People’s Republic of China. For documentation on the discussions and measures leading up to the integration of Japan into the Western export control effort, see volume xiv.
  4. Raymond P. Ludden, Counselor of the Embassy at Paris.
  5. Not printed. (460.509/9–1952)