Editorial Note

On June 23, 1952, Deputy Under Secretary Humelsine sent a memorandum to Adrian Fisher, Legal Adviser of the Department, and others on the subject of establishing a Loyalty Security Appeals Board which reads as follows:

“By direction of the Secretary of State, there has been established a Loyalty Security Appeals Board. The Board will hear and consider appeals to the Secretary of State in all loyalty and security cases involving officers and employees of the Department of State and the Foreign Service of the United States, in accordance with the provisions of Subchapter 390, Volume 1, Manual of Regulations and Procedures, and make recommendations thereon to the Secretary of State.

“The Loyalty Security Appeals Board will be composed of members appointed by the Secretary of State, one of whom will be designated as Chairman. Any three members, designated by the Chairman, may act for the Board in the hearing and consideration of an appeal. Decisions of the Board shall be by majority vote.

“Appropriate Department of State Regulations and Procedures will be revised to reflect the establishment of this Board.” (A/MS files, lot 54 D 291, “Loyalty Security Appeals Board”)