Secretary’s Daily Meetings, lot 58 D 609

Memorandum of Conversation, by William J. McWilliams of the Executive Secretariat

  • Subject:
  • Summary of Daily Meeting With the Secretary
  • Participants:
  • The Secretary
  • Mr. Webb
  • Mr. Rusk
  • Mr. Peurifoy
  • Mr. Kennan
  • Mr. Nitze
  • Mr. Thompson
  • Mr. McFall
  • Mr. Lehrbas
  • Mr. Battle
  • Mr. McWilliams

Item 1. Charges made by Senator McCarthy [Action: Mr. Reber]1

There was a long discussion about the charges of Senator McCarthy and what should be done about them. The conclusion of the discussion was that we should take an aggressive attitude in denying these charges since they have no basis in fact.

Mr. Peurifoy passed around a copy of the telegram2 he sent to Senator McCarthy on Saturday which called upon him to furnish the information which he claims to have to the Department. The Secretary gave his approval to the release of the telegram to the press.

It was also agreed that Mr. Peurifoy should have a press conference on this subject this afternoon and that Mr. Peurifoy and Mr. McFall should get someone in the Senate to be the spokesman in the Senate to answer the charges.

[Here follow Agenda Items 2 and 3: “European Integration” and “Congressional Matters,” respectively.]

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