90. Telegram From the Central Intelligence Agency to Operation PBSUCCESS Headquarters in Florida1

36511. 1. Persons with ultimate KUBARK authority have agreed that decision re future of PBSUCCESS will be made on Monday 1 February 1954. Between now and Monday forward all available information in detail re status of operation regardless of how unimportant it may seem. Include with information the following:

Exact location SCRANTON and SARAMAC.
Details of current cover situation Seekford, Lugton, Merton, and Middlecott.
Estimate of extent of compromise and disclosure of KUBARK interest from Delgado’s intercepts while acting as courier.
Any other information of value not covered in A, B, and C.

2. Urge that Calligeris write up an appreciation of the situation to include the extent and details that may be in hands of the Arbenz forces.

3. Recall Iden A to LINC immediately. Imperative he not travel through WSBURNT or even chance flying over country. He should proceed direct from KMFLUSH to Iden B and thence directly to LINCOLN. No exception may be taken to that pattern of travel.

4. Consider seriously the advisability of withdrawing Iden C from WSBURNT if his position appears to be in any danger of compromise.

5. Telecon 30 January 1954 will serve no purpose. Decisions cannot be made. Will advise you 1 February 1954 as to future actions.2

  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency, Job 79-01025A, Box 142, Folder 2. Secret; Operational Immediate; Priority; RYBAT; PBSUCCESS. Drafted by J.D. Esterline.
  2. See Document 94.