226. Telegram From the CIA Station in Guatemala to Operation PBSUCCESS Headquarters in Florida1

932. 1. Bannister talked 1530 hours afternoon 22 June with sergeant WSBURNT army who stationed with 150 men and 2 camouflaged tanks along old aqueduct located 13 Avenue and Calle de las Conchas in south of city. They had 8 mgs.

2. Sergeant said he and men were terrified at possibility air bombardment and added that his commander, whose name he could not give though saying he a jefe rather than an officer, had stated army might have to turn against Arbenz. (Jefe is applied to officers of major up in rank).

3. Sergeant stated communications from Base Militar to palace now cut, that many soldiers were injured in strafing attack and that he “can not take more of that”. He refused to give his name, unit, or other information except that he from Base Militar.

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4. Also stated troops stationed along Barranca around cemetery and along Barranca to north of Matamoros.

5. Impression given by sergeant and two soldiers that they scared to death and would welcome opportunity to fold up.

  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency, Job 79–01025A, Box 11, Folder 5. Secret; Operational Immediate; PBSUCCESS; RYBAT. Repeated to the Director of Central Intelligence.