189. Memorandum of Telephone Conversation Between Secretary of State John Foster Dulles and Director of Central Intelligence Allen Dulles1


The Sec. asked if there is any news from his front, and AWD said no. Things are moving along. Neither had heard what the President said about Guatemala this a.m.

The Sec. said he is seeing him this p.m. and will mention the question of tankers on the other side of the world. The Sec. asked if AWD had any particular views. AWD said he is not at all sure that he would do it. It is not confirmed yet, and he doesn’t think we have picked up vessels. Will try to get word to the Sec. by 2:30. They agreed it does not affect policy. The Sec. said he thought the information from AWD was pretty explicit. There was communication with Geneva. AWD said it would be helpful to get guidance. If it doesn’t happen now, it will. It is a very ticklish point.

AWD said he is seeing this morning men from Standard of NJ and they will lay before him their position with regard to the small country down south. AWD besides finding out their position will possibly slow things up without formalized action.

The Sec. asked AWD if he thought Hickenlooper might introduce some kind of a sanctions bill in the Senate. AWD said it is a good idea, but will have to be phrased very carefully. The Sec. said we have a draft drawn up, but he was not satisfied with it. AWD said it would help their phase, though it would create problems here.

  1. Source: Eisenhower Library, John Foster Dulles Papers, Dulles Telephone Calls, Box 2, A67–28. No classification marking. Transcribed by Phyllis Bernau, Secretary of State Dulles’ secretary.