166. Note for the Files1


  • Disposal List Prepared by C/EW
A cursory check of Subject list reveals that the biographic data is not up-to-date and that even the information available at Lincoln is not included; that in some cases, doubt certainly exists as to whether or not the person in question is a Communist; that the list is by no means complete, as it excludes such prominent Communists as Julio Estrada de la Hoz.
In short, no real analysis has been made to date to determine who is “to be” or “not to be.” It is recommended that before any disposal action is taken, all available personality data be compiled and careful study be made of all “candidates” for said list.
Please note that Mr. [name not declassified] has prepared a memorandum recommending five key persons, about whom little doubt exists. (Copy not available at the moment, but Mr. [name not declassified] has one on file.) Also note that there has been some cable traffic regarding this Subject.
  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency, Job 79–01025A, Box 145, Folder 12. No classification marking. The name of the drafting officer is not declassified.