119. Memorandum From C/[title not declassified], Central Intelligence Agency, to All Staff Officers1


  • Selection of individuals for disposal by Junta Group

C/[title not declassified] has requested a list of names be compiled for study by Staff Officers to determine if they meet the latest criteria for inclusion on the Junta’s disposal list.

Consideration for inclusion on the final list should positively establish that the individual falls into one or more of the following groups:

High government and organizational leaders whose outward position has not disclosed the fact they are motivated and directed by the Cominform and who are irrevocably implicated in Communist doctrine and policy.
Out-and-out proven Communist leaders whose removal from the political scene is required for the immediate and future success of the new government.
Those few individuals in key government and military positions of tactical importance whose removal for psychological, organizational or other reasons is mandatory for the success of military action.

This document is routed to Staff Officers for deletions, additions, and/or comments. It is requested that a final list of disposees be approved promptly to permit P.M. planning to proceed on schedule.

[Page 227]

The following list of individuals for consideration has been assembled from old lists supplied by the Junta and from recent intelligence available at Lincoln. Your careful consideration is requested in making additions or deletions.2

Each officer is to indicate his concurrence by placing his initials after each name on the attached list which he believes should remain on this list. Exceptions, additions or deletions are to be noted on the pages following the attachment.

  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency, Job 79-01025A, Box 145, Folder 12. No classification marking. Marked “Hand Carry.” A handwritten note at the bottom of the page reads: “Elimination List. April [illegible]—Rip is taking a copy of list of names for checking with the Junta. April 7—Original Memo with attached Biographic data has been passed to [title not declassified]. Returned by [title not declassified] on 1 June 1954.”
  2. The phrase “recent intelligence available” is underlined and a marginal note reads: “no, not done.” The list is attached but not printed