320.2–AC/3–2651: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Mission at the United Nations


814. Dept’s thinking re questions raised urtel 1324 March 23 fols:

We note UKDel has sought FonOff reaction to Gross sug of March 19 that AMC go to work simultaneously on military and economic measures. We wish to defer decision on advisability this course until Brit reaction forthcoming. In any event we wld not defer discussion of economic measures until after AMC had completed work on military measures.
We continue opposed to idea of circulating at this time any list of commodities to be included under our formula for selective embargo. In our view any discussion re items to be embargoed under our formula shld be deferred until GA has made recommendation to Members on basic principle. As you know, we wld in no event make ref to COCOM in discussions with non-COCOM members. COCOM list and operations have been from beginning explicitly understood to be confidential and we bound continue respect that understanding. Moreover, [Page 1943] COCOM list, having been drawn up for different purpose, is not suitable as such for use in this case.
As indicated in position paper on economic sanctions, Review Comite wld have function of reporting to GA, with appropriate recommendations, on extent of compliance with GA recommendations. We are not at this time contemplating any further authority for Review Comite, apart from weapon of publicity.
US will discuss substance of economic matters either in NY or Wash, at UK option, but continues eager press these discussions actively. UK Emb unaware any intention FonOff hold further talks this subject in Wash.