320.2–AC/2–2151: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Mission at the United Nations


731. Deptel 718, Feb. 17. Dept desires revise section on economic measures proposed work plan Comite on Additional Measures against [Page 1923] China. Following general introductory para economic measures, section re questions Comite shld consider shld be amended by deleting subparas 1 and 2 and substituting:

“(1) possible limitations on trade with China. Focus of inquiry wld be general question of what trade limitations shld be applied.” Subparas IIb (3) and (4) wld remain unchanged.

FYI this language in plan of work will enable Comite to discuss whole range of possible trade limitations, including complete and selective embargoes, and, if Comite decides it is appropriate, to review categories of items which might fall within various types of embargoes. It is a flexible formula which enables both US and UK to retain full freedom of action. Further, it will avoid adverse reaction which might be expected, particularly from US public opinion, if Comite began with discussion complete embargo and rejected this idea, as wld certainly be case since it wld obviously be impossible reach agreement with UK, as well as other dels on complete embargo. Suggested approach will also lead into consideration of type of general formula for selective embargo which US now intends to propose at appropriate time. General wording of basic question re nature of economic sanctions to be applied will not preclude US, in presenting own position, from referring to total embargo which US now applying against China as most effective step which can be taken, from recognizing difficulties which other Members find in adopting same position, and from consequently agreeing to selective embargo as most UN wld wish to undertake in present circumstances.