320.2–AC/21751: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Mission at the United Nations


718. Fol plan work for Comite on Additional Measures against China is transmitted for possible informal use in event USDel views sought by Comite bureau or other members:

I. Procedures

a. Second meeting of Comite shld take place not less than a week after initial meeting at which Comite will be organized and officers elected. Thereafter, meetings shld take place as frequently as consistent with careful work by Comite and opportunity for its members consult their Govts. Work of Comite and schedule of meetings will inevitably be influenced by military developments in Korea and progress [Page 1917] of GOC. When Comite ready file report, it will consider whether GOC has made such progress as to render it desirable for Comite postpone submitting its report, as provided in GA Res Feb 1.

b. As general rule, Comite shld meet as whole. If it appears particular questions can better be considered by sub-Comite, such sub-Comite, preferably sub-Comite of whole, shld be created for purpose. It may be desirable, for example, create sub-Comite on economic measures to consider desirability, practicability and effect of proposed economic measures against Chi. It may also prove desirable create small drafting groups from time to time.

c. Comite shld meet privately and treat all proceedings confidential. From time to time may, if considers appropriate, prepare press communiqués on meetings, or press releases on progress it is making.

d. Comite shld adopt at second meeting gen outline of work. Under each part of agenda, members will of course state views and may also propose additional items for Comite’s consideration. In view delicate nature of work of Comite, it does not appear desirable have draft proposals prepared by Secretariat. Secretariat will be used for aiding members in drafting proposals or for drafting on matters on which Comite has reached agreement in principle. It may also be utilized for preparation historical or purely technical studies.

II. Proposed Outline of Work

Gen discussion
Economic measures
It is proposed that Comite begin by consideration economic measures which might be suggested to Assembly for recommendation to members. It is believed that it will be easier to reach gen agreement on such measures and Comite can make better progress by beginning with them. Also in view of ramifications of such measures, more time will be necessary for full study. If it is decided to create sub-Comite for subject, sub-Comite will be able begin work immediately, thus allowing more time for deliberations.
Comite shld consider:
Full embargo against China: Is such embargo desirable and practicable?
Selective embargo: Is selective embargo desirable and practicable? If so, shld gen formula be adopted, or individual items specified?
Enforcement of or supervision of economic measures: Shld there be UN supervision? If so, in what form? Shld members be asked report what they are doing in compliance with recommendations economic measures?
Drafting resolution for GA recommending measures.
Political Measures
Chi Representation in UN: Shld GA recommend UN organs not [Page 1918] consider Peiping’s claim for representation or not act favorably upon it, so long as it is aggressor? Shld such recommendation be made to all Specialized Agencies?
Non-recognition of situations brought about as consequence of aggression: Shld GA recommend that member Govts refrain from recognizing any political or territorial changes brought about as result of North Korean and Chi Commie aggression?
Diplomatic recognition: Shld GA recommend complete rupture all diplomatic relations with Peiping so long as it remains aggressor? Shld it recommend withdrawal of Ambassador and Ministers? Shld it recommend that states which have not recognized shall not recognize?
Drafting resolution
Psychological Warfare
UN “campaign of truth”: Shld UN organize campaign make true version Korea situation, and UN action, available to enemy forces? To North Korean and Chinese people? What methods shall be used? What kind of materials?
Increased support for Unified Command: Methods for getting members to increase contributions of troops and supplies for action in Korea.
Other military measures, if any, to deal with Chinese aggression in Korea.
Drafting report.