793.00/1–3151: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Gifford) to the Secretary of State


4195. Reference statement by Rau, Indian delegate, UN, that if Communist China condemned as aggressor, door will be closed to peaceful settlement.

EmbOff informed … as follows: on 27 Nehru sent message through Panikkar1 to Chou, Chinese Communist FonMin, stating [Page 1546] that Chinese should now take initiative in negotiations with UN. Timing most propitious as large number of nations would support CPG if it would only make gesture to show it was earnestly striving for peaceful settlement. Chou’s only reply was that adoption by Assembly of any resolution naming China as aggressor in Korea would preclude Chinese participation in any international discussion of FE questions. He referred to speeches in UN by UK, Canada and NZ delegates as indication change in attitude those governments likely to result in adoption of US resolution. He said time had now passed when any statement could be issued.

Scott2 and other FonOff desk officers thoroughly discouraged over Chou’s response and have noted to EmbOff that on no single occasion has CPG itself taken initiative in negotiations. There is striking parallel between CPG negotiations with UN and its negotiations with UK for establishment diplomatic relation; although on occasion CPG has asked for clarification British position, it has never indicated any desire regularize its relationship with UK. Chou’s reply to Nehru, in opinion FonOff people, was clumsy and ineffectual attempt influence voting on US resolution.

Only purpose it can serve is to supply Peiping and Moscow and perhaps New Dehli with additional propaganda material. They feel it should now be apparent to all that CPG (a) has never intended seriously to negotiate peaceful settlement in FE, (b) has never sincerely desired establish diplomatic relations with UK, and (c) has never made serious effort enter UN (except on terms it knew would be unacceptable); it has only wished make noises to that effect. Scott reluctantly concludes only answer is to build up position of strength and negotiate from there.

  1. K. M. Panikkar, Indian Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China.
  2. Robert Heatlie Scott, British Assistant Under-Secretary of State.