Editorial Note

A formal request by the Government of Pakistan for the release of armaments and equipment which it desired to purchase in the United States, based on Mr. Ikramullah’s discussions with the Departments of State and Defense, was made in a note of November 20 by the Ambassador of Pakistan to the Acting Secretary of State [Page 2229](790D.5–MAP/11–2051). The request was approved on November 27 in a memorandum of that date by John H. Ohly, Assistant to the Director for Mutual Security, acting on behalf of the Director for Mutual Security, to Major General George H. Olmsted, U.S.A., Director of the Office of Military Assistance, Office of the Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs (790D.5–MAP/11–2751). The Pakistani request was amplified in subsequent notes by the Ambassador of Pakistan to the Secretary of State dated November 29 (790D.5–MAP/11–2951), December 3 (790D.5–MSP/12–351), December 6 (790D.5–MSP/12–651), December 13 (790D.5–MSP/12–1351), and December 21 (790D.5–MSP/12–2151). Final action on these sales was still pending at the end of 1951.