493.46E9/9–451: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Ceylon


91. Urtel 141 Sept 41 indicates that the indirect method (denial of bunkers) has failed for present to halt movement rubber Chi since Pol ship Mickiewicz apparently has ample bunkers (source bunkers still unknown). Therefore only hope preventing delivery rubber now depends upon action of GOC prevent export of rubber.

In view our great concern re movement strategic materials Commie areas and fact Mickiewicz due arrive Sept 8, Emb may wish make final effort although all points covered previously conversations GOC. You may wish (1) indicate that US wld not think it friendly not point out serious aspects portending situation; (2) refer specifically to PriMin statement that this is not time insist on normal trade practices; (3) note Battle Bill as amended by Senate wld require it be administered so as to give fullest support for any UN resolution [Page 2043]to prevent shipment certain commodities to areas under control Govts engaged hostilities in defiance of UN.

Battle Bill goes House-Senate conference some time after House reconvenes; possibility final action by end Sept. FYI immed prospects dim for Ceylon exception under Kem Amendment; this emphasized by strong Dept views which supported by US public opinion and close attention given prospective rubber shipments by press services. FYI ability of US justify exception clearly connected GOC action re rubber. FYI now appears decision to submit exception request or position against exception must be in first draft Sept 10; for this reason Dept wld appreciate this further effort clarify situation.

Dept grateful action PriMin reported urtel 132 Aug 31 re decision GOC not to facilitate acquisition bunkers for Pol vessels. In present circumstances, however, such action gives no firm basis for exception if Mickiewicz in fact has ample bunkers. This is indirect action at best and in view Embtel 144 Sept 5 may be negated.

  1. Not printed, but see footnote 1, supra.