Memorandum of Conversation, by the Ambassador in Pakistan (Warren)1

Participants: The Prime Minister
Mr. McGhee
Ambassador Warren

After Mr. McGhee had outlined, with the Prime Minister’s consent, his conversation the previous day with Mr. Ikramullah, and especially had brought out the three points made by the Foreign Minister of Afghanistan, the Prime Minister said that he is agreeable to calling off immediately the propaganda campaign against Afghanistan provided the Afghans will take the same action.

He is agreeable also to naming an Ambassador to Afghanistan and expected the Afghans on their part to name and send an ambassador to Karachi. After the accreditation of the ambassadors in their respective capitals, he is prepared to receive in Karachi any representations on differences that might arise between the two countries as part of the normal intercourse between countries on the ambassadorial level. In the event that problems may arise that might not be settled in this manner, he is prepared to work out with the Afghan Government through the two ambassadors the organization of a special joint conference that would take cognisance of outstanding tensions and frictions.

Mr. McGhee said that it is his understanding that the Prime Minister in substance accepted the points in the American offer of good offices to which the Prime Minister, agreed. It was then suggested that at the beginning of the week Ambassador Warren should get in touch with Mr. Ikramullah to work out language that might be mutually satisfactory and so inform Washington officially of the results of the conversation.

Avra M. Warren
  1. Transmitted as enclosure No. 1 to despatch No. 1745 from Karachi, May 28.