Memorandum of Conversation, by the Secretary of State


Subject: Pakistan Objections to Part of Proposed UN Resolution Re Kashmir; Unavailability of Admiral Nimitz1 for UN Duties in Kashmir; Pakistan Attitude-Toward US Approach of November 6 Re Proposed Afghan-Pakistan Conversations

Participants: Sir Mohammed Zafrulla Khan, Foreign Minister of Pakistan
The Secretary
Mr. M. A. H. Ispahani, Ambassador of Pakistan [Page 1944]
Mr. Mohamad Ali, Secretary-General, Government of Pakistan
SOA—Mr. Mathews
Mr. Gatewood

[Here follows a discussion of the Kashmir dispute; for text, see page 1724.]

Sir Zafrulla mentioned his hope that I might change my view as to the desirability of privately informing both Pakistan and Afghanistan of our position concerning the validity of the Durand Line. He said he realized that we had no objection to the Durand Line as the frontier of Pakistan, but he wished we could state positively that we accepted it as such. After ascertaining from Mr. Mathews that there were no new developments in this regard, I indicated that my views remained unchanged and remarked that, at least in this instance, we could not be accused of inconsistency. Sir Zafrulla agreed that our position had been consistent on this point since our approach of November 6.

  1. Fleet Adm. Chester W. Nimitz, U.S.N.