689.90D/1–551: Telegram

The Ambassador in Pakistan (Warren) to the Secretary of State


597. During conversation last night with Mohammad Ali, Secretary General GOP on another subject he gave me to understand GOP plans no further action on our proposal of November 61 re discussions between Pakistan and Afghanistan. GOP regards McGhee’s2 conversations of November 16 with Zafrullah3 and November 27 with Ispahani4 as having closed matter so far as it is concerned.

  1. See the editorial note, supra.
  2. George C. McGhee, Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern, South Asian, and African Affairs.
  3. Sir Mohammed Zafrulla Khan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth Relations, Government of Pakistan. The conversation of November 16, 1950, was among Zafrulla, Mohammad Ali, and McGhee. This conversation, as well as a further conversation of November 17, in which they were joined by Secretary Acheson, is summarized in telegram 280, to Karachi, November 28, 1950, printed in Foreign Relations, 1950, vol. v, p. 1457.
  4. M. A. H. Ispahani, Ambassador of Pakistan in the United States. The conversation of November 27, 1950, is likewise summarized in telegram 280, to Karachi, ibid .