357.AB/3–3051: Telegram

The Ambassador in India (Henderson) to the Secretary of State

top secret

2626. 1. We assume GOI opposition to Kashmir resolutions presented SC no surprise to Department since Embassy has repeatedly reported during last two years GOI not likely agree abitration on any important phase Kashmir dispute. Thus far GOI has been less violent than we had expected against US and UK for supporting resolutions this kind. It is likely as our support continues denunciations will increase in shrillness and violence.

2. We believe GOI will continue register objections to any resolution looking toward demilitarization and plebiscite. Noteworthy that neither Nehru nor other GOI spoksmen have thus far undertaken discuss either draft resolution objectively. They have preferred resort to generalities and employ such broad arguments as Kashmir juridically and politically integral part India. In our opinion GOI convinced that if it entrusts outcome dispute to SC it wld eventually lose parts Kashmir now held by India. It therefore hopes SC will drop dispute and present temporary partition will gradually be accepted as permanent. We also believe GOI fears lack determination on its part resulting in weakening position India and Kashmir wld lower prestige Nehru in India and render Congress Party more vulnerable during electoral campaign of next autumn.

3. It seems to us that for US and UK to retreat in face Indian denunciations from position assumed after careful deliberation and after having foreseen Indian attitude wld indicate indecision and lack conviction. Retreat wld not increase respect for US, UK or UN in South Asia and wld render it more difficult for UN play any effective role re Kashmir in immediate future.

4. There is possibility that if present resolution shld pass SC despite GOI opposition GOI might receive mediator and might cooperate in other ways in execution of resolution but wld refuse accept part relating arbitration. We thus far refuse take seriously rumors obviously inspired GOI may withdraw UN if pressed too far.

5. Assume Dept also troubled re steps to take in case GOI eventually refuses accept recommendation or recommendations contained in resolution passed by SC. We regret we have no constructive suggestion offer this respect at this time. That bridge one to be crossed later. Nevertheless we believe that it wld be unfortunate for US fail support resolution which it considers offers fair solution merely because one or more parties to dispute may refuse live up to suggestions contained therein.