357.AB/2–1251: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom 1


3765. On Feb 10 Brit Emb approached Dept requesting substance tele from Bevin be transmitted to Secy containing fol major pts:

UK is very seriously concerned over prospect of losing services Admiral Nimitz. They appreciate from US pt of view, importance attached his new duties Chairman Pres Comm Internal Security and Individual Rights. However, UK wishes inquire if Pres cld not make Nimitz available for three-month assignment as provided most recent UK draft res.
UK believes prospect finding person similar caliber remote and calls attention acceptance by parties of Nimitz. They attach great importance his symbolic value and believe unavailability Nimitz will give Indians further opportunity to hold up progress.

Convey orally to Bevin or to FonOff for Bevin substance fol comments by Secy:

While we are cognizant importance UK attaches services Admiral Nimitz we regret we are unable to make his services available Kashmir negots at this time.

The internal security problems of this country and their relation to individual liberties is of such importance we believe Nimitz’ duties Chairman Pres Comm take precedence over other demands his services. However, we are prepared to give fullest consideration making his services available at later date in order that he may fulfill, if called upon, the duties UN PlebAd.

We are prepared urge UN Secy-Gen to make available services another distinguished and outstanding Amer, Dr. Ralph Bunche, for UN mission proposed UK–US draft res. We believe Bunche has, because his extensive UN experience difficult negots, qualifications which wld make him particularly effective in proposed UN task. Although we recognize it is unlikely that candidate equally acceptable to both parties can be found, we do believe Bunche wld encounter less resistance dealing with Indians on this problem than wld Nimitz. If UK is favorably disposed toward this US suggestion which was initially made to Brit Emb on Feb 6, we are prepared to approach, [Page 1724]through the UN Secy-Gen, Dr. Bunche and urge him accept this assignment. In event Bunche mission successful, the way wld be opened for PlebAd Designate, Admiral Nimitz, to exercise the functions previously assigned to him by SC.

  1. Repeated as telegram 1270 to the Embassy in New Delhi and as telegram 494 to the Embassy in Karachi.