357.AB/2–1051: Telegram

The Ambassador in India (Henderson) to the Secretary of State


2035. According to New Delhi press today UK and US will jointly sponsor resolution in SO next week with aim solving Kashmir problem, Basis Anglo-American scheme would be to hold plebiscite in Vale and to provide some form UN supervision. Since failure to find solution at Commonwealth PM meeting UK and US have been exchanging views in joint attempt find way out present deadlock.

When I saw Bajpai February 8 he again asked me if I had anything to tell him about US thinking re Kashmir and whether we were contemplating some kind of resolution in UN. He said various rumors had reached him. I replied situation seemed to me to be fluid and I did not know exactly what my government intended to do. I understood, however, US Government believe UN could not afford neglect Kashmir problem much longer. Kashmir dispute was of considerable importance, not only because of principle involved but [Page 1720]also because settlement seemed to be one of prerequisites for restoration normal political and economic conditions in SA.