357.AB/2–35.1: Telegram

The Ambassador in India (Henderson) to the Secretary of State


1943. 1. During our conversation yesterday Bajpai1 asked if I had any information as to what next step of UN re Kashmir might be. I replied I had nothing sufficiently definite nature be of value, but I had thought it likely that Kashmir case would be active again in near future since further postponement might give impression lack UN interest in settling dispute before it.

2. Bajpai said he did not wish attempt unduly influence US policy this matter, but speaking personally he hoped US would not just at this time take lead in action which might be construed as bringing pressure on India re Kashmir. If US should initiate or play leading role in such action it would be difficult convince Indian press and people that US not “getting back” at India for position latter had assumed re Korea and Far East. GOI, of course, aware that US Government would not permit itself be influenced in consideration of question such as Kashmir by differences of opinion between it and GOI re Far East. There was grave danger, however, that Indian public would feel differently.

3. I expressed Bajpai appreciation for his frankness and said I could understand and did share his concern. US Government was, of course, extremely anxious have good will and friendship of Indian press and people and did consider this important factor in making foreign political decisions just as it was compelled to take also into consideration other factors such as what was best for preservation world peace.

  1. Sir Girja Shankar Bajpai, Secretary General, Indian Ministry of External Affairs and Commonwealth Relations.