Tokyo Post Files: 320.1 Peace Treaty

Undated Agenda Handed the Prime Minister of Japan (Yoshida)1

Suggested Agenda

In addition to discussion of the general principles which should govern the future relation between Japan and the United States, the following specific topics are suggested for detailed discussion:

Territorial: How to carry out the Surrender Terms that “Japanese sovereignty shall be limited to the islands of Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku and such minor islands as we may determine”.
Security: How to provide for security following the ending of occupation.
Rearmament: What, if any, provisions should restrict Japan’s future rearmament.
Human rights, etc.: What, if any, undertakings or declarations should be made by Japan in this respect and in relation to occupation reforms.
Cultured relations: What, if any, continuing relations can be developed in this respect.
International Welfare: To what international conventions dealing with elimination of trade in narcotics, preservation of wildlife, etc. should Japan adhere.
Economics: What, if any, provisions should restrict Japan’s future economic activities as regards certain industries, e.g. ship building.
Trade: What will be the post-war basis of Japan’s trade with other countries, e.g. “most-favored-nation”.
Fisheries: Possible voluntary prohibition of Japanese use of United States conserved fisheries.
Reparation and war claims: What should be the treaty provisions in these respects. Japanese gold.
Post-war claims: How will Japan deal with GARIOA indebtedness.
War criminals: Where should reside the future authority over those convicted by war tribunals.
Procedure: What should be the future procedure, having regard to the probable attitude of the Soviet Union and the status of China.
  1. This agenda was handed the Prime Minister during a conversation held January 26 between him, Ambassador Sebald, and Mr. Allison. Also handed to Mr. Yoshida was the document cited in footnote 5, p. 813.

    Both these documents are enclosures to the unsigned memorandum of the mentioned conversation, not printed. (Tokyo Post Files: 320.1 Peace Treaty)