Tokyo Post Files: 320.1 Peace Treaty

Memorandum of Conversation, by the United States Political Adviser to SCAP (Sebald)


Subject: Visit of Ambassador Dulles

Participants: General MacArthur
Ambassador Sebald

General MacArthur said that his concepts as to how Ambassador Dulles’ visit should be handled are as follows:

As SCAP, he, General MacArthur, wished Ambassador Dulles to operate on his own and without interference of any kind, on the premise that Ambassador Dulles heads an American Mission and therefore speaks for the United States Government point of view. General MacArthur felt that he should remain clear of all negotiations in order that no valid charges can be raised that he, as SCAP, is attempting to impose upon the Japanese the views of the United States Government.1
General MacArthur stands ready at all times to act as a go-between to assist in reconciling divergent viewpoints, and above all else to give advice freely if called upon.
General MacArthur will be glad to receive Ambassador Dulles at any time that the latter requests an interview.
USPolAd, as the representative of the Department of State, is to be considered in entire charge of Ambassador Dulles’ visit, and should provide the necessary office space, clerical assistance, etc., and arrange interviews as requested.
General MacArthur thought Ambassador Dulles would be well advised to utilize the broad knowledge of the local situation of USPolAd, and that the latter should be invited to sit in on all important conferences. He said, however, that this, of course, was a matter for decision by Ambassador Dulles.
The United States Army will be responsible for the Defense members of the Dulles Mission, and will provide office space, etc., to these members.
If the plane arrives at a “reasonable hour”, General MacArthur will welcome Ambassador Dulles and his Mission at the airfield.
W. J. Sebald
  1. In the Department’s telegram 1045 to Tokyo, January 10, marked “For General MacArthur from Dulles,” the latter had stated in part: “I suggest that you may want to notify [Prime Minister Shigeru] Yoshida of impending mission arrival so that he will be prepared for serious discussions immediately after you and I have had a first opportunity to talk together and concert our views and programs.” (694.001/1–1051)