Department of Defense Files: Telegram

The Chief of Staff, United States Army ( Collins ) to the Commander in Chief of United States Forces in the Far East ( MacArthur )

top secret

DA 80222. From CSUSA JCS authorized dispatch of following msg to you.

We have had a very satisfactory conference with Mister Dulles and other representatives from State concerning the proposed Jap Peace Treaty.1 Mister Dulles is most anxious to proceed to Japan in the immediate future. The JCS are concerned over the timing of this visit. In view of current publicity regarding possible Japanese rearmament linked with Soviet concern over German rearmament, there is possibility that visit now might precipitate Soviet counter reactions perhaps against defenseless Hokkaido. If there is any likelihood that Soviets might consider occupying Hokkaido, it would be highly desirable to have some troops on that island prior to Mister Dulles arrival in Japan. We could not even under most fortuitous circumstances send you any troops for this purpose within 6 weeks. Thus Hokkaido would remain vulnerable unless you felt it of sufficient importance to warrant moving some from Korea to Hokkaido. In light of above considerations what are your views as to seriousness of possible Soviet threat to Hokkaido? What influence, if any, should this have in timing of Mister Dulles visit to Japan.

  1. Reported in telegram Topad 1000, supra.