856D.00–R/10–3151: Telegram

The Chargé in Indonesia (Benninghoff) to the Secretary of State


660. For Cochran. Fol note recd from FonOff

“Number 42854; The Ministry for Foreign Affiairs of Republic of Indonesia presents its compliments to Emb of USA and with reference to the latter’s note of Aug 20, 1951, confidential Nr. 65 has the honor to state that the economic cooperation agreement between The Govt of The Republic of Indonesia and The Govt of The United States of America, signed in Djakarta on Oct 16, 1950, has been and will continue to be a binding obligation of The Republic of Indonesia, according to its terms, pending Parliamentary action.

This Ministry avails itself of this opportunity to assure the Emb of its highest consideration. Djakarta, Oct 27, 1951.”

At Sukarno’s reception Oct 24 Hayes1 queried Xain on this subj. I entered conversation in time heard Xain express surprise no notes sent Emb and promise expedite action.

Hayes now at Baguio meeting STEM chiefs.2 Before he returns next week would appreciate learning whether note accepted or whether interpretation phrase “pending Parliament action” shld be sought from FonOff. If note acceptable, is any action necessary beyond routine acknowledgement to FonOff and transmission copy STEM?3

  1. Samuel P. Hayes, Jr., Chief, STEM Mission in Indonesia.
  2. For documentation, see pp. 1 ff.
  3. In telegram 502 to Djakarta, November 1, Ambassador Cochran informed Chargé Benninghoff that the Indonesian note was acceptable to the Department of State, and that the Chargé should acknowledge its receipt and provide STEM with a copy (856D.00–R/10–3151).