398.2395/3–1651: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Indonesia


991. Ref Embtel 1198, Mar 6,1 Deptel 955, Mar 7.1 Pls inform Indos, particularly Zain,2 that in response to desires expressed by Indo Del at London, Wilson of GSA (whom Zain met in London) accompanied by Coerr,3 proceeding Djakarta to explore:

possible US–Indo long term rubber purchase contract, which Wilson will be empowered to conclude if mutually satisfactory agreement achieved.
gen-rubber problems on which discussions were initiated in London and which will be contd when rubber conference reconvenes at Rome Apr. 9.4

Since GSA is civilian org, Wilson prefers not use his title “Gen”, in order avoid needless confusion this trip. He is proceeding via Tokyo, present ETA Djakarta Mar 28. After Djakarta talks he will proceed Rome to join US Del which will include Armstrong5 and O’Sullivan.

Coerr ETA Djakarta 3:10 p. m. Mar 22 KLM flight 821 from Amsterdam.6

  1. Not printed.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Dr. Zairin Zain, Chief of the Economic Section of the Indonesian Foreign Office.
  4. Wymberley D. Coerr, Office of Philippine and Southeast Asian Affairs.
  5. Documentation on the London and Rome rubber conferences is scheduled for publication in volume ii.
  6. Willis C. Armstrong, Acting Special Assistant to the Acting Director, Office of International Materials Policy.
  7. In telegram 1273 from Djakarta, March 20, Ambassador Cochran reported that the Indonesian Foreign Minister was pleased that General Wilson and Mr. Coerr were going to Djakarta before the Rome meeting (398.2395/3–2051).