The President to the Secretary of State


My Dear Mr. Secretary: I have today allocated to the Department of Defense the sum of $2,000,000 from funds made available by the Second Supplemental Appropriation Act, 19501 to carry out the provisions of section 303(a) of the Mutual Defense Assistance Act of 1949,2 as amended.

The allocated funds are to be utilized for programs of military assistance to Indonesia. These programs are to be prepared in general conformity with your letter of February 8, 1951 to the Director of the Bureau of the Budget.3

Sincerely yours,

Harry S. Truman
  1. Approved July 26, 1950; 64 Stat. 373.
  2. Approved October 28, 1949; 63 Stat. 973.
  3. Frederick J. Lawton. In this letter of February 8, from Secretary of State Acheson to Mr. Lawton, which is not here printed, Mr. Acheson asked that the remaining $2,000,000 of an original $5,000,000 budgeted for equipping the Indonesian constabulary be allocated immediately to the Department of Defense to continue the program (756D.5–MAP/2–851).