790B.00/10–1751: Telegram

The Chargé in India ( Steere ) to the Secretary of State


1378. GOB policy re disposition Chi Natl troops in Burma, as reflected Rangoon’s 14 Oct 5 to Delhi, reptd Dept 356 wld appear bar way any realistic settlement, thus leaving dangerous issue hanging in air.

Assuming inability GOB disarm and intern Chi Natl forces, practical approach in Emb view wld seem be for interested third govts press GOB grant safe passage those forces thru Burmese terr en route Taiwan. US, UK, GOI, and perhaps France and Thailand, might make joint approach or act separately but along similar lines. Chi Commies wld doubtless protest granting safe passage as contrary internatl law, but removal Chi Natl forces from Burma wld relieve Chi Commies of threat Yunnan. In any case, Burmese grant safe passage less likely provoke Commie action than retention Chi Natl forces Burma.

Expected arrival Burma PriMin Delhi Oct 21 for talks with Nehru cld, if GOI receptive to idea, provide opportunity approach Thakin Nu.

Dept’s views and comment re such approach wld be appreciated.

Dept pass Rangoon, London, Taipei, rptd info Rangoon 22, London 53, Taipei, UN.