493.9283/10–151: Telegram

The Chargé in Thailand (Turner) to the Secretary of State


780. ReDeptel 683, September 21, rptd Rangoon 282, USUN 150. In conformity reftel called on FonMin1 today with Brit Amb and left aide-mémoire as fol:

“US Govt is concerned about reports to effect arms of Amer origin are being supplied through and from Thai territory to troops of Chi Nat Govt in Shan states of Burma. It is learned that GOB may now be preparing bring matter before UN with view to bringing about an end of this traffic.

“US Govt requests Govt of Thailand to investigate situation thus reported, and to cooperate in preventing any possible flow of arms through Thailand to Chi Nat troops in Burma”.

Brit Amb presented similar aide-mémoire and as senior officer made verbal representations to effect that reports of arms smuggling through and over Thai territory have reached both govts disclosing situation of potential danger; further disquieting factor is that Burmese Govt preparing protest to UN; that such move by Burmese wld be gravely embarrassing and wld focus unwanted attention on situation which US-UK Govts consider shld be cleaned up soonest; that both govts will request all possible steps be taken to prevent flow of arms to KMT troops through Thailand. In addition to above joint representation Brit Amb added that any action which conduces to continuation of state unrest in border area must constitute grave physical danger for Thailand; therefore in interests TG to insure that flow of milit supplies to KMT troops shld cease.

I stated that I wished associate with foregoing views, and added that determined effort by TG to investigate and prevent smuggling wld forestall embarrassment to TG in UN; and that we hope by such effort Burmese can be persuaded to drop proposed approach to UN.

FonMin in reply said that matter first came to his attention about six months ago when Burmese Amb2 wrote him a ltr; that he had taken appropriate steps and had assumed matter finished until recently matter again brought to his attention; that he agreed entirely with our representations and “disliked this business very much”; that he wld take up the matter with PriMin at once. He then turned to me and remarked that I must be aware that there are Amers involved and that Amer arms were being delivered. I made no comment.

Pass Rangoon USUN; rptd Rangoon 21; USUN unnumbered.

  1. The Foreign Minister of Thailand was Nai Worakan Bancha.
  2. The Burmese Ambassador to Thailand at that time was U Hla Maung.