493.9283/9–2151: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Thailand


683. Dept approached by Brit Emb with suggestion US and UK Embs Bangkok make joint approach Thai Govt expressing concern re reports that KMT troops in Shan State area of Burma being supplied through Thailand with Amer arms; stating it appears Burma Govt preparing formal protest to Secy Gen UN requesting UN assistance in stopping such flow of arms. Dept concurred with Brit suggestion and instructs you in conjunction with Brit colleague make such approach requesting Thai Govt coop in preventing any possible flow of arms through Thailand to KMT troops in Shan States. Dept believes that obvious effort made by Thai Govt to investigate and prevent any such smuggling wld forestall possible embarrassment to Thai in UN

Rptd info: Amembassy Rangoon 282; USUN 150.