No. 554

663.001/9–1851: Telegram

The United States High Commissioner for Austria ( Donnelly) to the Secretary of State


1053. Gruber today expressed interest in our alternative plan for state treaty which Aust Leg Washington telegraphed him about. May I inform him of plans for abbreviated treaty? Gruber also expressed keen interest in continuation of DFM meetings and hopes next one will be held in October. He suggested it wld not be a brief meeting, that we shld endeavor to engage Sovs in serious discussion of treaty without reopening any of the articles. He added if Sovs refuse consider treaty then Western Powers shld be prepared to present an alternative plan. Shld Sovs reject it Gruber feels state treaty shld then be taken to UN for public discussion.

Gruber discussed state treaty with Sov political adviser here during FM meetings in Washington. Sov said his Govt has always favored signing state treaty but that two principal obstacles were remilitarization of Aust and Trieste. Gruber told Sov he wld not discuss Trieste situation, that it had nothing to do with Aust state treaty and that Sovs shld discuss it directly with the Western Powers and not introduce it in the Aust treaty negots. As regards remilitarization Gruber informed the Sov that the Sovs knew only too well that Aust is completely disarmed. The Sov indicated he wld consult his govt and contact Gruber shortly.