No. 552

663.001/9–1151: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Legation in Austria 1


677. Legtel 957, Sept 11.2 It is well known that FonMins will consider Aust question and it is anticipated that some statement will be issued by FonMins which will include ref to Aust. Settlement Aust question, however, is difficult problem as you know and while we expect decisions by FonMins with respect to Aust it is doubted that any agreement reached cld be of a nature to permit issuance statement of type which wld impress Aust mind as promising settlement. Obviously, plans outlined Deptel 657, Sept 103 [Page 1130] even if agreed cld not be announced. It is feared, therefore, that statement which you propose issuing might unduly raise Aust hopes and lead them to expect more concrete results from FonMins than wld actually be justified by context FonMin announcement. Consequently, even a gen statement by FonMins which under normal circumstances wld be expected to boost Aust morale might fail its purpose if preceded by ur proposed statement. Suggest, therefore, that ur proposed statement not be issued.

  1. Drafted by Allen and cleared with Williamson and Bonbright.
  2. Supra.
  3. Document 550.