No. 547

663.001/8–3051: Telegram

The United States High Commissioner for Austria ( Donnelly) to the Secretary of State 1


842. Legtel 731, Aug 23;2 London’s 1080 to Dept, Aug 27;3 Dept’s intel, Aug 24.4 Brit HICOM called this morning to discuss inquiry he had recd from London re feasibility Aust treaty session this autumn and considerations Aust problem by FonMins Wash.

Caccia’s fol line indicated by London’s 1080 to Dept Aug 27. FonOff had no objection in principle to another try by deputies this year if desired by other powers, but much preferred it be postponed to toward end of year rather than immed future. FonOff feels that time and attention demanded by San Francisco conference, Kaesong negots, and especially settling of Trieste question and revision Ital treaty, leave very little room for Aust discussions in near future. FonOff believes Ital and Trieste questions particularly important and in view developments this field, Sov wld only repeat their Trieste irrelevancies at deputies mtg on Aust treaty. FonOff notes that there is no unusual internal Aust urgency for conference at this time, but mainly general morale builder.

I informed Caccia of Gruber’s views, which we had reported to Dept (Legtel 731) and stated we shld be content to accept Dept’s judgment on utility of deputies mtg at this time. Caccia and I in agreement on desirability three FonMins issuing Aust statement at conclusion their mtg in Washington, and he is so recommending to FonOff. In such statement there need be no specific mention new mtg of Aust treaty deputies unless agreement reached on this point. Statement shld be strong re-emphasizing desire West powers conclude treaty placing sole responsibility on Sov for lack of treaty.

I informed Caccia of our views re Aust membership Council of Europe and we agreed that action our part shld await further discussion with Gruber after his return from Paris next week.

  1. Repeated to London, Paris, and Frankfurt for Gruber.
  2. Document 544.
  3. Document 545.
  4. Not found in Department of State files.