No. 532

663.001/2–2851: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Legation in Austria 1


1699. For Donnelly. Deptel 3886 Feb 21 to London, rptd Vienna 1654.2 Dept wld appreciate ur views and views Aust Govt re tactics for tripartite consideration and subsequent Four-Power talks on Aust Treaty.

In discussing question with Aust officials make it clear U.S. objective is conclude Treaty on best terms obtainable. Sovs may refuse consider Aust as separate issue to be decided on its own merits. Desirable therefore West adopt flexible position which may be adjusted if necessary meet situation after Sov tactics become evident.

If Sovs will discuss Treaty as definite item on agenda we are prepared adopt series progressive steps obtain agreement on remaining articles. Commencing with offer accept Sov version Art 48 bis provided Sovs agree accept West version other unagreed Arts we wld then attempt obtain Sov agreement to Treaty including as much West position as possible. Every effort wld be made retain West version Art 27. Actual steps in negots wld be dependent on situation arising during course negots. Aust Govt shld be informed we wld be prepared accept Sov drafts on all remaining unagreed arts if such action wld achieve conclusion Treaty and withdrawal Sov forces but that we wld make every effort obtain maximum West position before taking such action. We wld refuse reopen already agreed arts such as Art nine and reject any Sov attempt link Aust Treaty with irrelevant issues such as Ger rearmament, denazification, demilitarization or Trieste as previously attempted.

We wld insist with Brit and Fr any agreement reached must take into acct necessity Aust security forces will, prior withdrawal [Page 1109] West occupation forces from Aust, be reasonably adequate maintain internal security.

Foregoing plan has not been discussed with Brit and Fr. Any discussion of tactics on tripartite basis will be held in light ur views and position Aust Govt.

See immed fol tel for summary aide-mémoire handed Dept today by Aust Legation.3

  1. Drafted by Allen and Williamson and cleared with Perkins. Repeated to Paris, London, Moscow, and Frankfurt for Reber.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Telegram 1700 to Vienna, February 28, is not printed. (663.001/3–2851) The Austrian aide-mémoire stated that a Foreign Ministers meeting should be convened even if no results were anticipated and advanced four scenarios for Soviet behavior at such a meeting (663.001/2–2751)