No. 826

Editorial Note

In response to a severe drought in Yugoslavia during the fall of 1950, the United States Congress approved the “Yugoslav Emergency Relief Assistance Act of 1950” (Public Law 897, 81st Congress) on December 29, 1950, which allocated $37.8 million for food assistance. For text of the legislation, approved by President Truman on December 29, see Department of State Bulletin, February 12, 1951, pages 277–278. For documentation concerning the drought in Yugoslavia [Page 1679] and the formulation and approval of the relief program, see Foreign Relations, 1950, volume IV, pages 1459 ff.

On January 6, Ambassador Allen and Yugoslav Foreign Minister Kardelj signed an agreement in Belgrade dealing with the provision of the food assistance program; for text of this agreement, see Department of State Bulletin, January 22, 1951, pages 150–151. Telegraphic exchanges between the Department of State and the Embassy in Belgrade regarding the conclusion of this agreement are in file 868.03.