No. 753

611.60/12–2451: Telegram

The Ambassador in Poland ( Flack) to the Secretary of State 1


449. Additional pressures which might be leveled at Pol as member satellite group and have corollary effect on Hung and Czech now appear minimal. Vienna’s niact 23, Dec 22.2

In communications field Poland withdrew SS Batory from NY run summer 1951 and in July 1951 cancelled operating permit Amer Scantic Line effective Dec 31, terminating service to Gdynia that date.
In info field Pol Govt closed USInfo Service Warsaw Aug 1951 and Dept retaliated by immed closing Pol info office NY.
Since almost no Amer private travel to Pol, ban on such wld be almost empty and likely incur Pol reprisals limiting Emb official movements.
In trade field MFN treaty with Pol denounced last July by US effective early Jan ends all trade or tariff advantages to Pol.

On this examination I think that short of breaking diplomatic relations and recalling our officials, there is substantially no additional [Page 1508] rewarding step in sight. I personally feel, I understood Dept agreed, our presence here and ability to travel in Pol regarded as advantages (a) In showing Pol people we have not abandoned them and (b) giving us touchstone visual info to evaluate mil and econ situation.

Psychological effect on populace of suggested mission chiefs gen mtg while doubtless charged with high attention value wld of itself probably not alter dominating official line from Moscow.

  1. Repeated to Vienna, Paris, and Praha.
  2. Not printed.