No. 733

Editorial Note

Robert A. Vogeler was released by Hungarian authorities at the Austrian-Hungarian frontier at 11 a.m. on April 28 and was immediately escorted to Vienna by personnel from the Legation in Austria (see telegram 2516, infra). At the time of Vogeler’s release, the Department of State issued two statements to the press. The first briefly recapitulated the circumstances of Vogeler’s release and the assurances given Hungary by the United States Government antecedent to his release. The second reviewed the background of the negotiations in the Vogeler case. For text of the two statements, see Department of State Bulletin, May 7, 1951, pages 723–725. For its part, the Hungarian Government also released a brief statement to the press summarizing the basis of the agreement for the release of Vogeler. That statement was reported in telegram 508 from Budapest, April 28. (264.1111–Vogeler, Robert A.) Vogeler departed from Vienna for New York by airplane on April 30. Just prior to his departure, Vogeler addressed messages of gratitude to President Truman and Secretary of State Acheson. For text of those messages, see ibid., May 14, 1951, page 770.