No. 486

740.5/4–2351: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Legation in Austria 1

top secret

2241. Dept pleased understanding reached with Gen Eisenhower (Paris 6434 April 23 to Perkins from Donnelly2) on basis views expressed Deptel 5594 April 20 to Paris.3

US Representative to Standing Group, North Atlantic Mil Comite has been authorized by Sec Def to inform Standing Group that US forces Austria and Trieste will be assigned to Supreme Allied Commander, Europe (SACEUR) at outbreak of war. The appropriate commanders will plan for this contingency as directed by SACEUR.

It is understood that Brit and Fr have taken similar position with respect to Austria and that Brit position is same with respect to Trieste. There are no Fr troops in Trieste.

Paris and London requested seek Brit and Fr agreement that any inquiries this subject from non-NATO sources should be answered [Page 1036] to effect that no US, UK or Fr forces in Austria or Trieste are assigned to SACEUR.4

  1. Drafted by Edgar P. Allen of the Office of Western European Affairs and approved by Perkins; repeated to London for Spofford, Paris, Rome, and USPolAd in Trieste.
  2. Telegram 6434 briefly noted that an understanding had been reached with Eisenhower on the relationship of U.S. Forces in Austria to SACEUR. (740.5/4–2351)
  3. Not printed.
  4. On May 7, Perkins informed Gen. James H. Burns, Assistant to the Secretary of Defense, that the British and French concurred in this request. (Letter of May 7, CFM files, lot M–88, box 73, Occupation Forces)