No. 624

800.062–WFTU/4–2051: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Legation in Austria 1


2200. Urtel 2388 Apr 19.2 Circular instrs Jan 29 concerning location WFTU rptd to you intel Jan 30 4 a.m.3 Pls inform Aust Govt and TU leaders our views stressing that location WFTU in Vienna wld be followed by establishment other Commie organizations in effort to make Aust center for front activities. Dept considers that Aust Govt and Trade Union Federation shld take all possible action prevent this organization from establishing its headquarters in Vienna.

Following expulsion from Fr, US has urged successfully that WFTU be prevented from establishing headquarters in any WE country. Dept assumes Aust Govt and Trade Unions will concur such action necessary to force WFTU to settle behind iron curtain in order to demonstrate Commie control of organization.

CIO Wash informed in Mar to send all publications to WFTU Press and Info Dept care of Winter at Schindgasse 7 Vienna 4. No mention of Coburg Palace in first district as headquarters.

AmEmbassies Paris and London pls bring to attention FonOff with request that Brit and Fr express to Aust Govt their support this position.

  1. Drafted by Williamson (EUR/WE) and approved for transmission by Bonbright who also signed for the Secretary. Repeated to London and Paris.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Regarding the instructions under reference here, see the circular airgram, Document 607.